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SPAC Warrants That May Yield a 100% Return for Investors...Special Situation Investing News 9/10/2015

Readers of the Special Situation Investing News know that I have become increasingly fascinated with the potentially massive upside of Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC) shares and warrants. I have made a number of bets on companies in this sector, inclu-ding warrants for AgroFresh Solutions $AGFSWLindblad Expeditions Holdings $LINDW and Tecnoglass $TGLSW.  All three of these SPACs acquired interesting companies with solid businesses at fairly reasonable valuations.  As an added bonus, by investing in something with potentially tremendous leveraged upside like warrants there's a good chance that I come out in the green if even only one company really takes off.

The recent market volatility has presented savvy investors with tremendous buying opportunities in thinly traded SPACs warrants recently.  I wrote about this phenomenon last month. 

Buy SPAC Warrants on the Cheap During Periods of Market Volatility

This morning I came across a great article on Seeking Alpha by Lester Goh that talks about another type of situation that seems to have caused a company's SPAC warrants to be mispriced, under the radar changes to the conversion rules for warrants.

ROI Acquisition Corp. II: Warrants Offer Compelling Upside

For some background on the situation, it is important to know what ROI Acquisition II $ROIQ is and what it purchased.  ROI is a SPAC that has been looking for an acquisition target for quite some time.  It finally landed on Ascend Telecom Holdings, a private company that owns and develops telecom infrastructure in India.

Anyone who is interested in the specific details of the transaction and more information about Ascend can check out the link to the merger presentation here: Investor Presentation.

I'm not what you would call an expert on the Indian telecom industry, so at first I was hesitant to buy into this interesting special situation.  However, when ROI Acquisition recently changed the rules for its warrants I became very interested in them.  From the company's August 17th SEC filing:

Here's an explanation of exactly what this change means from Lester's excellent SA article:

"With this change, warrants of ROIQ have theoretically doubled in value.Currently, ROIQ warrants trade at $0.49 and thus offer 100% upside at the very least; if shares move higher, the warrants would be even more valuable. As to why ROIQ decided to sweeten the deal, it is a deterrence measure against "SPAC bandits" (SPAC History, 5th paragraph). Hedge funds purchase the common to vote against the transaction, while shorting the warrants. By allowing warrants to be exchanged for $1/warrant, the hedge fund's economics is vastly better if the transaction goes through, thus eliminating their incentive to vote against the transaction.

I note that ROI's sponsor has opted to forfeit all founder warrants, which gives investors an indication of the level of commitment they have towards the transaction. Usually, investors are wary (and rightfully so, given the history of SPACs) of sponsors who retain their founder warrants, given that they are usually issued at a discount. This incentivizes founders to consummate an acquisition as quickly as possible. Thus, when founder warrants are forfeited, this is a strong indication that founders have taken a long-term view."

After reading this compelling piece and doing some independent research on the situation I decided to purchase ROI Acquisition warrants with real money.

And now for the rest of the Special Situation Investing News:


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