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It's a Bad Time to Invest in Banks...Special Situation Investing News - 8/20/2015

It's funny, for months now I have seen many financial talking heads touting this as a great time to buy bank stocks.  Their reason for doing to, the fact that the Federal Reserve might finally move off of its Zero Interest Rate Policy and begin to raise rates, allowing banks to make more money, this sounds reasonable at first...however their logic is flawed.

Banks essentially make money by borrowing money at short-term rates and lending it for longer terms.  This means that the yield curve is of utmost importance to them.  What is the yield curve?  It essentially represents the spread between long-term and short-term interest rates.  The following is an illustration of a normal yield curve:

When the markets are "normal" the longer a loan is, the higher the rate of interest it a point.  So banks that pay say a 1% yield on their customers' savings accounts can then turn around and lend that money to someone who wants to buy a home via a 30-year mortgage at say 5% or 6%.  Of course, the bank assumes some risk that the loan won't be paid back, but otherwise they make money on the spread between how much money costs them and how much they can loan it out at.

Here's the BIG problem for the banking sector right now.  The Federal Reserve only controls short-term interest rates.  For the most part, the market dictates the level of longer term rates.  The Fed can raise short-term rates all it wants, but I strongly suspect that the global turmoil that we are seeing right now, from China's economic slowdown and stock market meltdown to commodity-dependent countries slashing interest rates to help keep their economies afloat, to currency wars, and on, and on...will likely keep the long end of the yield curve low.  A rise in short term rates cause by the Federal Reserve combined with continued low interest rates on the long end would cause the yield curve to "flatten." This flattening of the yield curve is terrible for banks because it limits the interest rate spread that they profit from.

Adding insult to injury for Special Situation investors like myself is the fact that the main type of investment in the banking sector that interests us, thrift conversions aka demutualizations, has all but dried up.  Check out this fantastic chart that Chris Mayer ‏@ChrisMayerAgora shared on Twitter this morning:

There's only three thrift conversions in the pipeline right now.  That's not a whole lot to work with.

Barron's actually wrote up a demutualization in its excellent Sizing Up Small Caps column this week:

Small New Jersey Bank Has Big Upside

After a thrift converstion, Kearny Financial could rise 20% as its shares catch up to peer valuations.

This is exactly the type of write-up that I look for as a special situation investor.  I should be all over Kearny Financial's stock $KRNY.  Unfortunately, the value investor in me forced me to pass.  As you can see by the above chart, at $11.50/share Kearny essentially trades right in line with its Tangible Book Value/share of $11.30.  I always like to see a much steeper discount to TBV when I invest in a bank.

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