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Jason Knapp

Special Situation Investing News - 6/26/2015

Welcome to another edition of the Special Situation Investing News, a compilation of the most interesting and actionable news on special situation investing from across the web.  This is the first edition of the summer and it's a good one if you're a fan of special situation investing like myself.  Hopefully it makes for some great beach / poolside reading.  Enjoy!


Graham Holdings Continues To Transform, Will Spin Off Cable ONE On July 1

Forget Stodgy S&P 500 Index Funds, This New ETF is Poised to Crush Them

HP: Two Cheap Stocks for the Price of One

DuPont Spinoff Chemours Seen As Facing Rocky Start, But Turnaround Could Pay Off

Will Gannett's (GCI) Post Spin-Off Strategy Bear Fruit? - Analyst Blog

Will TopBuild Be A Summer Blockbuster Or This Year’s Gigli? Coming To A Brokerage Account Near You July 1

Babcock & Wilcox To Spinoff Boiler Business On July 1, Rebrand As BWX Technologies

Yahoo General Counsel Tells Shareholders Company Working With IRS To Complete Alibaba Spinoff In Q4

Gannett sees $150 million buyback for spinoff

AMD Spin-Off Of Server Chips Could Move The Stock Higher For 2015

Capital Southwest - Under Followed Spinoff


Canadian SPACs ride the lightning – summer 2015

This Sponsor Is Ready to Create Another Profitable SPAC for Investors

Levy Acquisition higher after Wedbush buys into the Del Taco story

Acasta Enterprises set to raise C$275 million in Toronto IPO

Capitol Acquisition Corp. II Establishes Date of July 8, 2015 for Special Meeting of Stockholders to Approve Merger with Lindblad Expeditions, Inc.

Should You Get Involved in SPACs?



Digirad: Yielding 5.3%, With 100% Return Potential Over 18-36 Months

Marketplace Interview With Steven Kiel - The NOL Newsletter

The NOL Show, Episode 1: An Introduction To The NOL Newsletter


Odd Lot Tender Offers

Global Sources commences tender offer


Activist Investors


3 Small Bank Stocks With Big Buyout Potential

Is Darden's REIT Announcement A Recipe For Success?

Ackman Raises $1 Billion in Bond Offering

Is Now the Time to Jump Into United Rentals?

Activist shareholders increasingly battling biotech executives

Activist Hedge Fund Wins in Private as Japan Tobacco Says No

'Short selling is an incredibly lonely proposition,' billionaire hedge fund manager Bill Ackman says


Secondary Offering Selloffs

The Latest Trend in the Stock Market and How to Profit From It

This Unusual REIT's New Acquisition is a Game Changer

Secondary Offerings at MLPs Often Present Fantastic Buying Opportunities

Forget The Underdog, CorEnergy Is A Cinderella Story


Merger Arb

I Hate Merger Arb, But This One Sure Is Interesting

Williams Partners Is Worth Buying Despite Energy Transfer Equity's Plans

Staples merger unlikely after judge blocks Sysco/US Foods union


Private Equity Liquidations

When Private Equity is Selling Individual Investors Should Be Buying

Noranda Aluminum's Stock is an Easy Double

The Curious Case Of Noranda




North State Bancorp's Unique Going Private Transaction

Why You Should Invest with Managers Who Eat Their Own Cooking

American Realty Capital Properties: Slow And Steady Is Going To Be The New Tactic

AdCare Reports Continued Progress in Strategic Transition; Receives HUD Approval for Five Facilities

Westlake Chemical Partners Takes A Blow From The IRS - There's An Opportunity Here

Is This The World's #1 Pairs Trade?

Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway At ½ Price

Joel Greenblatt's Market Secrets (Intelligent Investing With Steve Forbes)

Thanks for reading. If you have any interesting special situation news that you've seen that isn't mentioned here, please share it in the comments section. Also, if you haven't already, make sure to click on the link at the top of the page to join this new special situation investing community. Doing so will enable you to receive notification when new articles are published here and to share your own ideas. Also, make sure to follow me on Twitter @TMFDeej.

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