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How to Buy Filet Mignon at Beef Jerky Prices...Special Situation Investing News - 8/27/2015

I'm going to kick things off today with an update to a special situation that I have written numerous times in the past, the REIT formerly known as American Realty Capital Properties $ARCP.  There has been a number of very bullish developments since I started writing about this company, now named VEREIT $VER, yet it's stock price has continued to decline as a result of general market weakness and the selloff in REITs on an unwarranted fear of rising interest rates.

A one-year chart of $VER (blue) vs. the S&P 500 (red) (click to enlarge)

For anyone not familiar with the story of this company or its previously scummy management, I suggest reading my post on the subject from June: 

Mr. Market Hates Uncertainty, But Investors Can Profit From It

The recent bullish developments at VEREIT include:

  1. The naming an impressive REIT turn-around specialist, Glen Rufrano, as its new CEO.
  2. A culling of over $900 million in non-core non-controlled joint ventures, flat leases, restaurants and non-core assets to reduce the company's risk profile, lower its debt level and ultimately lower its borrowing costs.
  3. The reinstatement of its dividend at $0.55/share, equivalent to a yield of around 6.6% at today's price.

VEREIT currently trades at multiples that are significantly below its peers. Furthermore, contrary to popular belief that REITs are going to be punished by rising interest rates, the U.S. economy is strong yet the recent global turmoil has kept rates extremely low, creating a perfect environment for the sector.  So far Glen Rufrano has made all the right moves.  As he continues to work his magic at the company, he will turn something that can be purchased at beef jerky prices today into filet mignon. 

I have added to my position in the company on recent weakness.  

A host of great articles have been written about VEREIT lately.  I highly recommend that investors check them out.:

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